When you need access to your tools but don’t want to rummage through boxes or bins, let GFC Unlimited turn your bare walls into the most convenient garage storage option on the planet.
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Any size, any shape, and a variety of colors — your new slat wall can be built to the exact specification that your garage requires.

If you need power tools to be kept out of reach from children and pets but still conveniently accessible for you, a slat wall may be your ideal solution.

And if you want lawncare equipment like rakes, hoes, and hand saws kept where you will never, ever misplace them, a slat wall may be perfect for you.

With GFC Unlimited, bare and boring garage walls become the simple, contemporary storage solution for the tools and equipment in your garage.



You’ve got stuff. We’ve got stuff. Everybody’s got stuff. But it shouldn’t clutter up your garage so badly that it becomes a labyrinth. Our 1-day installations of overhead storage will give you your garage back.

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Overhead garage storage is the ideal solution for getting stuff off of the floor and out of sight.

Once GFC Unlimited installs the storage compartment that best fits the style and space of your garage ceiling, you’ll have that clean, finished look you always imagined for your garage.

Tell us what you need to store, how much of it, and we’ll design the exact overhead storage solution you need.



Keep your two-wheeler out of the way when you don’t use it. But still easy to access when you do. We live up to our Total Garage Transformation promise with inexpensive, easy to use bicycle racks for your garage.

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Long live your bicycle!

Enthrone your pedal-powered vehicle where it will be easily accessible for your next two-wheeled adventure. Our lifetime warranties mean you can rest easy after each ride, knowing that your bike is safe in your garage for years to come.

GFC Unlimited’s racks keep your bike out of the way from the regular foot and vehicle traffic in your garage. Never worry about running (or tripping) over your bicycle again!

GFC Unlimited has a reputation for Total Garage Transformation for a reason.

Not only can we apply the highest quality of industrial polymer coating to your concrete to increase curb appeal, but we offer practical solutions as well.

Our slat walls are ideal for garages that double as shops or workbenches. There are the perfect place to keep your tools where you can easily find and access them.

Overhead storage inside your garage can in many cases double, triple, or quadruple the free space in your garage. Whether yours fits only one car or four!

For the adventurous whose bicycles need to be quickly accessible, our bike racks are the permanent solution to keep that two-wheeler within reaching distance at all times.

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