There are a thousand different reasons to get that garage floor coated. Creating your own personal showroom for cars, tools, or toys to transforming a cracked and filthy eyesore into a sealed surface you can depend on for decades to come.

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Every coating we offer provides extreme chemical and stain resistance. This means oil, brake fluid, anti-freeze, battery acid and other chemicals can be easily wiped up. They are also moisture tolerant and easy to clean. Just a few dabs of a soapy rag, and you’re good to go.

All of our concrete coatings are impact-, chip-, and scratch-resistant. An anti-skid layer can also be added to the top clear coat.

In other words, a professionally installed concrete coating is the ultimate “curb appeal transformation” for your garage. Plus, the coating will endure the tests of time, weather, and parked cars.



Thanks to our GFC Concrete Coatings, basements are no longer the drab subterranean rooms where we keep our junk. Since 2008, we’ve transformed basements, cellars, and furnace rooms into beautiful spaces with the aesthetic appeal of game rooms, man caves, and second family rooms.

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The best time to finish a basement is when you’re ready to get as much use out of the room as possible — for more than just storage.

Basement remodeling is a great excuse to go that extra step to transform the room into a healthy, clean, finished living area.

Our unique concrete coating brings with it every palette and variation you can imagine, from solid colors to chip finishes to marble-like “liquid minerals”.

Call us today, and we’ll make it as simple as possible to finish your basement for good.



If you’re a homeowner who loves the outdoors but aren’t a big fan of annoying bugs or nasty weather, you probably have a sunroom. And if your sunroom has a concrete surface, you probably want it to look like part of your home. GFC Unlimited can help with that.

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Every time our satisfied customers walk into their coated sunrooms, it’s like they’ve stepped into another Dream Home. Not only do they have the pleasure of kicking back in nature in comfort year-round, but their sunrooms are a joy to just to look at —

And our ECO CorFlex Seamless Coatings have a lot to do with it.

Our industrial polymer coatings are the most durable solution available for sunrooms in the United States, and they’re both solvent resistant and moisture tolerant — added benefits of our commitment to using only the best products on the market.

GFC Unlimited is the ultimate eco-friendly and family-friendly choice for interior residential concrete coatings.

Here’s why:

All of our concrete coatings are EPA Certified Lead Safe and have zero to low volatile organic compounds (VOC’s) and zero hazardous air pollutants (HAP’s). This makes all of the concrete surfaces inside your home safe for your family and safe for the planet.

Want your bathrooms to sparkle with a gorgeous marble-like coating?

Want your garage to show off your favorite Ohio sports team’s colors?

Need your basement to become a livable area for fun and games that you really don’t mind being seen all over social media?

GFC Unlimited has you covered — your interior residential concrete coatings, that is.

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