GFC Unlimited brings a collective 25+ years to every cabinet design and installation project. We know what works (and what doesn’t), and what looks good (and what doesn’t).

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We offer a complete line of predesigned cabinets that come ready for installation. All you have to do is tell us which design might look the best in your garage. We’ll schedule an on-site estimate to take measurements and confirm your choice.

Our predesigned cabinets have been selected as a result of years of feedback from customers who are thrilled with theirs, so you can trust that these preselected colors, styles, and materials are literally “the best of the best” that we can offer.



Tell us what you want, what you really, really want! Because we can turn any cabinet idea you have into actual cabinets that are ready to install within just a few weeks.

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The “C” in GFC Unlimited should stand for Custom. Because custom cabinets are the #1 reason why homeowners prefer us over checking out the half-dozen options at the local home improvement store.

In other words, all you have to do is show us your garage and share your ideas for the cabinets that need to be there.

From every color you can imagine to every type and texture of wood on the planet, our custom cabinet selection is truly Unlimited.

You even have multiple options for the type of material we use for your cabinets — including vinyl, melamine, and powder coat.



The days of leaving tools, unfinished projects, seasonal equipment, and the kids’ toys all over the garage are over. Finally, random items can disappear behind closed doors, to be used only when you need them.

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GFC Unlimited is your complete Garage Storage Solution. We also install slat walls to store your tools, overhead storage space for the kids’ outdoor toys, and bike racks that keep your two-wheelers out of the way.

GFC Unlimited has a reputation for Total Garage Transformation for a reason.

We can design and install beautiful cabinets that boost your home’s value.

Our simple, modern, easy-to-use storage solutions like slat walls, bicycle racks, and overhead storage compartments can in many cases double, triple, or quadruple the free space in your garage.

Your home’s “curb appeal” shouldn’t just be for your neighbors, property appraisers, or potential buyers. You should be able to enjoy it, too.

That’s why GFC Unlimited provides storage solutions from cherry wood cabinets to sleek overhead compartments.

Our cabinets are more than just cabinets. They are robust tools for keeping your garage organized and clean while protecting your tools and toys alike from dust, dirt, and debris.

GFC Unlimited cabinets come with a lifetime warranty. No need to worry about cracking or chipping.

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