Whether you are catching up with friends or having a spontaneous date night in the comfort of your backyard, patios are that special outdoor area that makes your house feel like home. At GFC Unlimited, it’s our job to make them look like home, too.
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Want a patio color that harmonizes with your backyard décor and your home’s color scheme? ECO CorFlex Seamless Coating it is.

Want a patio that won’t crack like a frozen lake in spring or become the unwilling home to a garden of weeds? ECO CorFlex Seamless Coating it is.

Since 2008, GFC Unlimited has been transforming patios all over Dayton, Springfield, and Cincinnati into backyard experiences that our customers cannot help but show off to their friends.

All it took was the right concrete coating by the company who knows what they’re doing.



A pool is more than a giant outdoor water container, it is your family’s personal recreation and relaxation headquarters. But without the right slip resistant concrete coating, the bland gray slab that is the pool deck is both an eyesore and a hazard.

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The majority of accidents and injuries occur at home. With GFC Unlimited’s industrial polymer slip-resistant concrete coating, your pool does not have to be a slipping hazard. The unique process we follow to coat concrete leaves the surface both visually appealing — Pick a color, any color! — and moisture tolerant.

You enjoy your pool, we’ll worry about the deck. Call GFC Unlimited today to schedule your free on-site consultation.



Concrete is more than just a mixture of rock, sand, and gravel when it’s your porch or walkway — then, it is the pathway to your home. And it should look it. GFC Unlimited’s ECO CorFlex Seamless Coating System is the ultimate curb appeal booster that homeowners all over Southwest Ohio trust.
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GFC Unlimited’s slip resistant, moisture tolerant concrete coatings are the solution for homeowners who want porches and walkways that add aesthetic value to your property while keeping your family and friends safe from trips or falls after rain or snow.

From a natural rugged stone color to a marble-like coat that makes passerby’s do a double-take, you can customize your home’s porch and walkways however you like without compromising safety or eco-friendliness.

It’s no secret that concrete takes a beating from the elements season after season, year after year.

Fortunately, with GFC Unlimited, you don’t have to sacrifice visual appeal for durability — or vice-versa.

Our unique concrete coating protects your exterior residential concrete coating from cracks, chips, and discoloration while turning a drab gray slab into a new, decorative surface that compliments the natural landscape surrounding your property…and your home itself.

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