The average concrete walkway lasts 20 to 30 years and needs repairs every 5 to 10. GFC Unlimited’s ECO CorFlex Seamless Coatings add another 10 to 20 years onto that…and repair-proofs them.

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GFC Unlimited’s slip resistant, moisture tolerant concrete coatings are the solution for organizations with porches and walkways that need to add a visually appealing element to customers’ experience and keep them same from trips or falls after rain or snow.

From adding your company colors to the coat to creating marble-like swirl that impresses first-time patrons, your options are unlimited with GFC Unlimited.

We use only the most durable high gloss industrial polymer on the market today, ECO CorFlex Seamless Coating System, so you get the best of both the science of concrete coatings and the art of visually appealing design.



Any business with a pool is a business with an incredible selling point — as long as the pool area is safe and doesn’t have weeds and grass popping out of cracks in the concrete.

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With GFC Unlimited’s industrial polymer slip-resistant concrete coating, your pool does not have to be a slipping hazard. The unique process we follow to coat concrete leaves the surface both visually appealing and moisture tolerant.

Have your patrons enjoy your pool, and we’ll worry about the deck. Call GFC Unlimited today to schedule your free on-site consultation.



Bathrooms are the one place you can count on just about everyone who passes through your building to use. They’re also the one room that can show both customers and employees that you’re the type of organization that goes the extra mile — even when you don’t have to.

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Whether you want the bathroom floor to feature a solid color, a chip finish, a metallic look, or something totally custom like your business’ color scheme, GFC Unlimited can make it happen.

Bathroom floors don’t have to be bland slabs of concrete that only the maintenance crew pays attention to.

After just a few applications of our ECO CorFlex Seamless Coating, a bathroom floor becomes part of the aesthetically pleasing experience that your clients will associate your organization with.

No two concrete surfaces are alike.

Because no two concrete surfaces have the exact same purpose.

From a natural stone color coating that compliments your building’s exterior to the surfaces that can be jazzed up by your company colors, GFC Unlimited brings 25+ years of collective experience to every industrial exterior concrete coating project.

We know how many coats to use on which surface, and we can get the job done on your timeframe.

The surfaces we coat withstand abrasions, moisture, and spills. Plus, they look fantastic the entire time — which happen to be the next 10 to 20 years.

That’s why our commercial projects are capped off by 5 Star reviews from satisfied clients: our industrial-strength concrete coatings are the ultimate “first impression improver” for every potential customer who lays eyes on your place of business the very first time.

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