Are you a “Red, Blue, Green” or a “Burgundy, Aqua, Pine” type of person? GFC Unlimited has a color selection to suit any style, any purpose, and any location.
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Our ECO CorFlex Seamless Coating System brings with it every palette and variation you can imagine, from a tomato red and navy blue to the refined colors of executive gray and raw sienna.

Whether you need a restaurant floor coating that matches the corporate logo or want your garage to have a classy look that compliments the untamed colors of your hot rods, we can work with any color — as long as it’s the right color for you.



Within 3 seconds of a prospective customer seeing the chip finish of our showroom floor, they say, “Now THAT is cool!” Click Read More below to see what we mean.
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A sleek chip finish for your concrete surface is more than tiny dark shapes against a tan background. That’s why GFC Unlimited offers partial chip finishes, earth effects, stone silicate, and liquid minerals.

Also known as decorative flecks, our chips are UV resistant, nontoxic, and slip resistant. So whether your primary concerns for your concrete surface is its appearance or the durability, a chip finish is the perfect addition to a new concrete coating application.



Hundreds of years ago, marble was the go-to building material for important structures. Channel the flowing, “liquid art” style of marble for your concrete surfaces. With this unique application style, no two floors are the same.
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Our metallic application style is everything great about marble in a single layer of ECO CorFlex Seamless Coating.

A sleek choice with an almost glass-like sheen, our metallic coating is ideal for indoor spaces where visual appeal is your goal, from basements, kitchens, and exercise rooms to showrooms, salons, and restaurants.

The “C” in GFC Unlimited should stand for Custom.

Because Custom Application Styles are the #1 reason why homeowners, business owners, and property owners all over Southwest Ohio choose us over the competition.

In other words, we don’t tell you what we’re capable of — you tell us what you want, and we make it happen.

From multicolored checkerboard tiles and company brand color stripes to sports team logos and indoor basketball courts, we blend the art of stunning surface design with the science of industrial polymers to leave you with a coated concrete surface that makes you say, “YES! This is exactly what I wanted.”

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