For homeowners, a professional power wash is an instant curb appeal boost. After a single power wash from GFC Unlimited, your concrete driveway, walkway, porch, and patio will look as clean as the day they were laid.

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From sandstone patios to brick porches to concrete driveways, our power washing professionals have experience cleaning the dirt, grime, and dust off literally every surface in and around your home.



High pressure hot water streams result in deep-cleaned and restored surfaces without expensive or dangerous chemicals and detergents. GFC Unlimited’s power washing team holds nearly 10 years of experience.

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From supermarkets and office parks to municipal buildings and golf courses, we’ve seen it all — and we’ve done it all.

GFC Unlimited’s team of highly trained power washers have cleaned both interior and exterior surfaces for commercial clients in over 100 different industries.

The rule of Power Washing 101 is this: If water can touch it, we can clean it.



Manufacturers, machine shops, warehouses, and construction businesses are the backbone of this country’s economy. But that work causes dirt, grime, dust, oil, and chemicals to cover every surface in sight.

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In industries that involve heavy machinery, you can’t just hire anyone off the street. We hold our team members to the strictest safety guidelines.

At the end of the job, there will be zero “leftovers” that a pressure wash should have cleaned. We pride ourselves on restoring every industrial surface to its natural state, free from dirt, grime, dust, oil, and chemicals.

Power washing is a lot more complicated than pointing a high pressure stream of hot water at concrete and hoping for the best.

Because concrete driveways and sidewalks can fall victim to mold and mildew, you want only the most experienced and thorough professionals to remove every last sign of the muck — and keep that black-and-green stuff away for years to come.

But concrete isn’t the only surface that can be saved by a professional power washer. Patios, brickwork, and other surfaces are not immune to the effects of weather and time.

After a single power wash by GFC Unlimited, you would think they were installed yesterday.

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