Suitable for both residential and industrial uses, our high gloss polymer can incorporate any palette of colors and designs you can imagine — whether you want a solid color, a chip finish, a metallic look, or something totally custom like a sports or business logo.



Concrete floors don’t have to be bland slabs of gray that accumulate so many chips and stains that they eventually look like loose gravel. If you want to make your warehouse floor resistant to the wear and tear of daily operations or keep your business’ floor space visually appealing for customers year after year, GFC Unlimited’s industrial services are here for you.



Any outdoor space can become a customer magnet with the right design. The walkway leading up to your place of business? It plays a crucial role in creating a positive first impression. The restaurant decks and patios where patrons sit to enjoy a meal outdoors? It’s part of the aesthetic that customers are willing to pay for — if at adds to their dining experience.

How your brick-and-mortar location looks to potential customers and employees alike plays an often overlooked role in how they perceive your organization.

Are there cracks and dents all over the concrete hallways?

 Is the warehouse floor covered in stains from the last business that rented the place?

No business owner or organization executive wants clients or staff to consider their facility an eyesore.

That’s why GFC Unlimited transforms every concrete surface — both interiors and exteriors — into a durable floor with a design that compliments the building’s design and feel.

The best part about our industrial-strength concrete coatings? They don’t peel, delaminate, or stain, ensuring that the Return-on-Investment you receive from hiring us in one that pays you back for decades to come.

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